The Foundation for Milk Quality Control is a non-profit foundation established on the 31st of January 2003 under the law OG nr.26/2000 regarding Associantions and Foundations.

The laboratory began it’s activity in the year 2004. It was equipped based on a project called “ Quality control in the milk chain “ with funds coming from the Dutch Government through the means of EVD Senter International Agency . With the help of these funds we had the possibility to purchase the necessary equipment for the laboratory.

Motto: Independence, Impartiality and Integrity.

Our motto represents the most important principles on which the laboratory is based.


The laboratory, as well as the personnel are not subjected to any financial , commercial or other type pressure which could cloud the ethical judgement . The laboratory is organized in way that it is independent of any other adjacent activity.


All the procedures are realized without discrimination for every costumer.


The personnel is selected according to the qualifications needed to pursue the milk analysis according to standard procedure .All employees are instructed according to the laboratory’s needs.

The founders of the Foundation for Milk Quality Control are:

Asociatia Patronala Romana din Industria Laptelui and Asociatia Crescatorilor de Taurine Cluj.

The administration of the Foundation is realized by a board of directors from which 5 members are chosen by the founders (3 from Asociatia Patronala Romana din Industria Laptelui, 2 from Asociatian Generala a Crescatorilor de Taurine din Romania).

The laboratory is authorised and and acredited by ISO standards.


The Foundation for Milk Quality Control has the purpose of analyzing and determining the hygienic and chemical quality for milk and forage (feed).


  • The correct analysis of probes
  • Confidentiality and security of personal data
  • Maintaining the impartiality and independence of the laboratory
  • Achieving excellence in the analysis of milk and forage according to standards
  • Assuring the traceability of the results through often calibration of the utilities